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I love classroom management and I want YOU to love classroom management too. I believe that  with a good strategy in place, magical things can happen in the classroom. You will have more time to teach, your students grasp things better, and the best of all, that weight will be lifted off of your shoulders.


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Behavior Around the School

We as teachers rely so heavily on behavior in our classrooms, but what are you doing to ensure your student’s success around the school? While we might not want to admit it, our students’ behavior around other areas of the school is often a reflection of us as well. You’ve worked hard on the behavior […]

Behavior Expectations at Home and School

It isn’t uncommon that students are showing different behaviors at school compared to home. Whether it be students behaving badly at home compared to school or vice versa there can definitely be a disconnect. Having clear and consistent behavior expectations at home and school can make such a positive impact in both areas. The disconnect students […]

Tips for Managing Active Lessons

Okay, so you want to do fun and engaging and active lessons but you are worried about managing it. You know you have the best intentions but it always happens: your students start getting too excited, they start to get louder, they no longer are listening to what your next instructions are, and now someone […]

A Morning Routine in Kindergarten

The bell rings and you hear it, the rumble of kindergarten students rushing to their classrooms ready to start their morning routine. After a few of the quickest minutes ever, your class is full and it is time to start the day.  If only it were that easy. One student is trying to hand you […]